The Avondale Innovation District™

The Avondale Innovation District™, located in downtown Avondale Estates, is a place-based urban development designed specifically to support entrepreneurs and creative professionals, foster open innovation, attract and accelerate new business ventures.

Housed within the Avondale Innovation District (AID) are a variety of innovative businesses, a startup accelerator, startup studio, programs and community offerings to cluster and connect creative professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The Avondale Innovation District is currently comprised of four commercial buildings with a total of 22,000 square feet. 

The AID offers meaningful interactions with large enterprises as well as local businesses and nearby educational institution


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Application for EBE Compass Accelerator Program

Application for the EBE Compass Accelerator Program

To apply for the program, all startup teams must apply online and complete an in-person interview before they will be admitted to the program. 

Space is limited for the EBE Compass program.

The EBE Compass program is an evergreen accelerator program.  Companies are accepted into the program as they are qualified. Module One of the program is offered almost every month. 

We look forward to receiving your application, meeting your team and learning how we can accelerate your success. 

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EBE Compass Accelerator - A Unique Opportunity for New Ventures

The EBE Compass Accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for startup founders to work with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and startup community members to discover and experience how successful startups are created.

Emory Startup Launch Accelerator Program

Fall Program Completed

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Studio Next

Studio Next - a customized program and environment


Studio Next - for experienced founders, a customized program and environment to ideate, test and launch new ventures. 

The Avondale Innovation District offers entrepreneurs a customized program to learn and apply the tools used in evidence-based entrepreneurship (EBE) to ideate, test and launch new ventures. Doing this work successfully will help your team validate demand, strengthen your teams’ understanding of the problem you are solving, develop metrics to support go/ no go decisions and build your resource network.  

This program may also be configured to assist funded teams to help them reach investor milestones while also focusing on the metrics and offers that prepare the team to scale the business.

Teams will receive a customized EBE training program, dedicated office space, high-speed internet, access to meeting/conference rooms and caffeine.

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